For a range of specialised applications including swimmining pools, evaporative coolers, boats, motorhomes & caravans

6mm ECO Care-Free Conditioner
Flow rate: 12 lit/min
Connection: 1/4” female
Length: 160mm
Weight: 0.51kg
Note: Always pair with the EK3 Battery Pak
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SWP40 MkII Care-Free Water Conditioner
Flow rate: 280 lit/min
Connection: 40/50mm or 50/50mm rubber connections
Length: 320mm
Weight: 2.20 kg
Always pair with the EK4 Power Regulator
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AC6 Care-Free Water Conditioner
Flow rate: 20lit/min
Connection: Barbed push-in
Length: 144mm
Weight: 0.55kg
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