Prime Pine

The boiler tubes were much cleaner than they had been in previous years and the build up of scale was almost non-existent. The boiler service consultant commented on the change from previous years before he was informed of the installation of the Care-Free Conditioner.

Moruya District Hospital

Since we installed a 32mm Care-Free Conditioner in Moruya District Hospital water main, I have found that all the scale has disappeared from the dishwasher pan sterilisers and most importantly the Autoclave boiler is clean from scale. The toilet cisterns are also clean and free from slime. We are also … Read More

Benalla Regional Office Victorian Health Department

The test results as provided by a NATA certified testing agency have identified the lowest detectable levels of legionella which is

Taylors Wines

We fitted 24 Care-Free Conditioners to bores over a period of 15 years. There has been an increase in grape yields and we’ve cut the time to clean our dripper system by 70%. We have also turned off our water softener to cooling systems and there is no more scaling … Read More

Nari Dry Cleaners

We have had excellent reports from the company who does a regular service report test on our boiler. Mount Gambier water total hardness tests are approx. 400ppm. We regularly regenerated our water softener every five days to maintain a level of 4ppm hardness. Since installation of the Care-Free Conditioner we … Read More

JW Cleancraft Group

Since installing the Care-Free Water Conditioner, the boiler tubes were not only remarkably clean, but there was evidence of a “leaching” effect where scale had been removed from areas where it was quite thick previously. Our engineer, when dismantling a washing machine, discovered that surfaces, which had always been caked … Read More

Dellfield Holsteins

Our water here is extremely hard. We started to notice right away that the water felt “softer” and didn’t scale up on our new tiles and stainless equipment as it used to. Also we cut down on our soap and chemical usage by 50-60%.We look at your system as an … Read More

Caloola Court

The water jets in the pan sterilisers were requiring replacement or at least probing and cleaning every month. The installation of the Care-Free Conditioner has meant that these jets do not require replacement or cleaning at all. We are most satisfied with the results and would recommend their use where … Read More

Santos Ltd

Due to the high cost of demineralised water it was decided to operate the rinse arch with raw water. This mode of operation left the vehicles badly streaked and spotted. As a result of installation of the Care-Free Conditioner, the vehicles leave the vehicle wash with only minor spotting and … Read More

Riverside Aquarium

Our Care-Free Water Conditioner was just about the best investment we could have made. Since its connection to Riverside’s water supply there has been far less losses in the aquatic animals than had previously occurred prior to its connection.

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